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Guldaudi flower is a very attractive flower and they are also very big in size, you can also see these flowers in many species, but do you know what are the benefits of Guldaudi flower, if you do not know So this blog is for you because in this blog all the information related to Guldaudi Flower will be given to you like how these flowers can be grown, what are their benefits, what are the disadvantages etc.

Chrysanthemum Flower Information

Chrysanthemum is an ornamental flowering plant that blooms in autumn. About 30 species of it are found all over the world. It is commonly found in Asia and Northeast Europe. Its Scientific Name – Chrysanthemum It blooms in many brilliant colors. In which yellow, white, pink, and purple are the main colors. Chrysanthemum flowers are of different sizes and colors according to the variety. The center of Gudauri is believed to be in China. This flowering plant was first grown in China for use in herbs.

The name Chrysanthemum is derived from the ancient Greek words chrys meaning “gold” and anthemon meaning “flower”. The chrysanthemum flower is considered a symbol of long life, loyalty, happiness, and optimism. Red chrysanthemums and yellow chrysanthemums are considered to be symbols of love, and white chrysanthemums as symbols of truth and loyalty.

As we have already told you, chrysanthemum is one of the flowering plants growing in autumn all over the world. It was first grown in China, from here its plant was sent to Europe. After this, chrysanthemum was grown in the world famous grove “Que” of England in 1780 by a French man named Cels. Due to being very beautiful and attractive, it became known all over the world. At present it has about 150 castes. Among these species which are grown in the groves, they are called Chrysanthemum Indicum Linn.

Chrysanthemum plant comes in the list of herbs. It is also used in Ayurvedic herbs. It is also beneficial in many diseases. Its roots are branchy and fibrous. The stem of this plant is straight and soft. It has a light rust on its stem. The color of its leaves is green, the leaves are cut from both the cores. The chrysanthemum flower blooms on a tall stalk at the top of the plant. The part of the plant from which the stalk emerges, there are many more stalks coming out, which form a cluster of flowers.

The chrysanthemum flower has many petals, but in reality these petals are a small flower. Chrysanthemum flowers are shiny. These flowers remain on the plant for a long time. Apart from the beauty of this flower, the flowers of some of its species also have insecticidal properties. The flowers of the species Chrysanthemum cinerarifolium were first known as insecticides around 1840. At present, chrysanthemum (Shevanti Flower) is being widely cultivated in Brazil, India, Iran, Algeria, and Switzerland.

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Types of Chrysanthemum Plants Types of Chrysanthemum Plants

The chrysanthemum flower is the second most popular and attractive flower in the world after the rose flower. Whose wild species are 40, and there are thousands of varieties of this flower. Its varieties may differ depending on the size, color and number of flowers. Some of these popular varieties are as follows –

Single Blooms – Chrysanthemums look like daisy flowers, this flower is yellow center with white petals. The main difference between these two is that the flowers of chrysanthemum are larger in size than the daisy. In the single bloom species of Chrysanthemums Plant, the plants are usually two to three feet high. And its flowers are like white daisies in appearance.

Spider Blooms The petals of these chrysanthemum flowers are thin and elongated. Which looks like spider legs. Also the petals of these flowers go in different directions. The color of flowers in this variety is pink, yellow and white.

Thistle Chrysanthemums – In this species the flower petals grow parallel to the stem. Their diameter is usually up to 2 inches. The petals are flat and sloping. Like a paint brush.

Quilled Blooms – As the name suggests, this variety of chrysanthemum has a pointed spike like petals. The petals are elongated, at the ends of which cups are made. In fact these petals look somewhat like a small spoon.

Decorative Bloom – These chrysanthemum plants differ in size. There is a disc in the middle of these flowers. Flower petals cover the disc. These chrysanthemum plants differ in size. There is a disc in the middle of these flowers. Flower petals cover the disc.

Benefits of Chrysanthemum

By planting chrysanthemum plants in the house, the energy of the house remains positive. In addition, it is also a disinfectant. Its flowers, leaves and roots are all beneficial. Tea is made by drying the leaves of chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum tea is very beneficial for health. It cures many diseases. And it also increases immunity.

  • Grinding the leaves of chrysanthemum plant and applying it on the forehead provides relief in headache.
  • Grinding the leaves of chrysanthemum flowers and applying it around the eyes gives coolness to the eyes, and the problem of itching also goes away.
  • The decoction of chrysanthemum flowers is very beneficial in gas formation in the stomach. Apart from this, it is also used for stomach pain.
  • Shevanti or chrysanthemum flowers are also used for mouth ulcers. Because its taste is cold.
  • It is also used to remove the weakness of the heart. There are many remedies of chrysanthemum in Ayurveda, from which heart related weakness can be removed.
  • The flowers and leaves of chrysanthemum have cooling properties. Due to which if it is applied on the burn or cut area, it helps in the quick healing of the wound.
  • Not – The benefits of chrysanthemum flowers have been told here for you only for information. Before using anything, please consult an ayurvedic doctor.

How to plant a chrysanthemum plant with a pen

  • You should plant the cuttings of chrysanthemum flower Shevanti Flower in the month of July.
  • You must have one year old chrysanthemum plants for cutting cuttings. The older plants you have should be cut off at the top, leaving about 7 to 8 inches.
  • After this, the plants should be taken care of until new leaves start growing from inside it again.
  • When your older plants begin to grow new leaves, you can cut the cuttings from these plants.
  • You should use a sharp knife or any gardening tool to cut the pen.
  • Clean the tool thoroughly before cutting the cutting from the plant.
  • After this, whatever new branch has emerged, you have to take their cuttings for planting.
  • After this, you have to prepare a mixture of rate and fine gravel in any pot or seedling tray.
  • After preparing the mixture, add water to it well.
  • After this, apply rooting hormone powder on all the cuttings you have cut for planting, and plant them in the pot.
  • After this, keep this pot in a shady place, and till the roots start coming out from the pen, then water is sprinkled in the pot. So that the moisture remains in the pot.

How to Grow Guldaudi From Cutting Video

how to grow chrysanthemum plants from seed

  • To grow chrysanthemum plants from seed, you first have to collect all the dried flowers on the plant.
  • After this, mash all the flowers in any vessel with a light hand. After mashing, remove all the top leaves.
  • Now keep all the remaining seeds at the bottom. Chrysanthemum seeds are very small.
  • After this you have to prepare the soil for growing the seeds, use vermicompost, some old manure of cow dung and sandy soil of the garden.
  • Now fill this soil in a pot that has a hole at the bottom for water to drain out.
  • After filling the soil in the pot, put the seeds in the pot at some distance. After this, make a thin layer of soil over these seeds so that the seeds are covered.
  • After that sprinkle water over the pot. Give the pot plenty of water for the first time.
  • After planting the seeds, keep the pot in a shady place. These seeds will start to set within about 4 to 5 days.
  • When the plants grow from the seeds you sown, transplant them into a different pot as they grow.
  • In this way you can grow chrysanthemum plants from seed.

How to Grow Guldaudi From Seeds Video

How to Take Care of Guldaudi (Chrysanthemums) Plant

  • More flowers on the chrysanthemum plant and good soil should be used to make the plant dense.
  • The better your soil, the better the plant will grow.
  • Always keep some moisture in the plant.
  • When the plant starts to grow a little, then you can add NPK 19-19 fertilizer to it. Always keep one thing in mind while giving fertilizer that you do not have to give too much fertilizer to the plant. Otherwise, your plant may also be happy with it.
  • Apart from this, from time to time you also have to cut the chrysanthemum plant. So that many new branches will come in your plant and this will bring more flowers.
  • It is also very important to hoe the chrysanthemum plant, once every 10 days you need to do 2 to 3 inch deep hoeing.
  • If sand and ash mixed with rotten dry leaves in this plant, the plant grows very well.
  • If you plant your plant by taking care of all these things, then I am sure that many flowers will come on your plant.

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