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YouTube studio is basically designed for the creators so that they can manage their channel easily, but if you are a new creator then you must have questions about how to use it or how to manage videos in it. can go etc. So in this blog you will be given full help how you can use it and you will be given information related to it.

First of all we will know what is YouTube Studio and how can we use YouTube Studio App for the growth of our YouTube channel, so if you also have a YouTube channel then How To Use YouTube Studio App Do read this article completely because this information can prove to be very beneficial for you and your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube Studio App?

YouTube Studio is a proprietary toolset built into YouTube that allows you to optimally run your channel, interact with your subscribers, and manage your video content optimally as far as YouTube Studio setup is concerned. So it is very easy to use all its features, it is absolutely free to use YouTube Studio App, you can also buy its tree version if you want.

There are a number of features within YouTube Studio that allow you to get more out of your channel, such as analytics and community tabs that help you keep track of important video metrics and monitor comments on your videos, respectively. Huh.

About YouTube Studio App

Application Name YouTube Studio
Version 21.16.101
Downloads 100M+
Download Size 8.77MB
Offered By Google LLC
Released On 26 Jun 2014
Source – Google Play Store

How to use YouTube Studio’s Elements

There are many different features in YouTube Studio App, in which the function of each feature is different, so let us understand each and every feature of YouTube Studio App in detail.

YouTube Studio Dashboard

Friends, YouTube Studio Dashboard helps you to keep a hold on all your work. In this section, YouTube provides the most important information about your channel, how your videos are performing, and even tips on how to earn more traction.

  • Information your latest video: It displays your latest videos, as well as important stats like views, average view duration and watch time. From there, you can select the “Go to Video Analytics” option to see the full details of your videos.
  • Recent subscribers: Your YouTube Studio Dashboard allows you to see subscribers, that is, how many new people have subscribed to your channel, with this option you can see the number of subscribers of Last 28 Days, Last 7 Days and Most Recent Days.
  • News: The YouTube Studio dashboard also provides you with a news section that provides users with valuable industry news.
  • Creator Insider: Are you looking for YouTube tech updates? The Creator Insider section allows you to do bug fixes, tech updates, and more on the platform.
  • Channel analytics: The Analytics section of your dashboard gives you current subscribers’ watch times, views, top videos, and more. It also provides analytics page links so you can dive into your data.

YouTube Studio Analytics

Analytics is the heart of your campaign If you post a lot of stellar videos (or tons of videos than you thought) without checking your analytics, you could find your efforts wasted.

Analytics helps you determine how you can improve your campaign so as to increase your views, engagement. What changes need to be made in the video?

Below you have been given some information about YouTube Studio analytics, that is, what things you can see in YouTube Studio analytics.

1. Views: In how many times, how many people have seen your video.

2. Watch time: How long does a user stay on your video?

3. Subscribers: How many new subscribers have come to your channel in specified time.

When you first open the Analytics section of YouTube Studio, you’ll see these three options along with a chart. “See More” If you click on it, then you also get to see additional options which are given below.

1. Traffic source: How users like your video This can be through YouTube search, channel pages, direct/unknown, external, browse features, playlists, suggested videos, playlist page or other YouTube features.

2. Geography: Where is the video viewer located?

3. Viewer age: What age people watch your videos?

4. Viewer gender: Which gender people watch your videos ie female or male.

5. Subscription status: How much of your traffic comes from users who are subscribed, unsubscribed, or unknown to your channel.

6. Subscription source: How subscribed users found your channel either on YouTube watch page, YouTube search or any other source.

7. Playlist: How many people watch playlists on your channel?

8. Device type: What devices viewers use to watch your channel videos can be a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

9. Playback location: Analytics on whether users view your videos directly on the YouTube Platform or through an embedded link on external websites and apps.

In addition to specific analytics, YouTube Studio’s analytics tab also provides information about your top videos. Similarly, you can click the “See More” button to return to your video to learn more about it. “See More” On clicking on the button, you will see some new options, their information has been given to you in detail below.

1. Impressions: The number of times your video thumbnails were shown to viewers.

2. Impressions click-through rate: The number of times viewers watch your videos after viewing one impression.

3. Views: How many views a specific video earns based on the filters you choose.

4. Average view duration: Average views viewed per minute.

5. Watch time: How much watch time is there on one of your videos including all the viewers.

So friends, this was YouTube Studio Analytics, with the help of which you can get complete information about your video, from this you can know what is wrong in your video, from where your videos are being watched, how old is your video On getting all the information about how long people are watching and for how long, you can make many other changes in the video and grow your channel.

How YouTube Studio Video Manager works

YouTube Studio Video Manager helps you keep track of all your videos in one place. You can access this option by clicking on the “Videos” tab in the right sidebar of your YouTube Studio.

From here, you can manage the visibility of your videos, as well as see the publish date, views, comments and likes, if you are looking for an online YouTube editor, this will be the tab for you. Helps you edit the most important details of your video.

If you go to the section of the video and click on any video, then you “Basic” You can edit the information given below from there.

Basic Information

  • Title
  • Description
  • thumbnail
  • Tags
  • Video URL
  • filename
  • visibility
  • Cards

So friends, you can edit this basic information by going to the “Video” section, now you get the option of Advanced in the right side of the basic information from where you can edit your other information. “Advanced” You have to click on the tab which you can edit from there, the information about which you can edit is given below.

Advanced Information

  • Recording date
  • Video location
  • Syndication
  • Category:
  • Caption information
  • Subtitles
  • Comment allowance

YouTube Studio Comment Section

In the “Comments” tab of your YouTube studio, you will be able to see all your comments in one place. You can see who posted the comments, how long ago, and their Comments with options to like, dislike, like or “comment” can.

You can also delete comments, report bad comments, hide a user from your channel, or add a user as a Comments moderator. You can also reply to comments directly from the Comments tab. can give.

Some of the main alternatives and uses of YouTube Creator Studio

With all the amazing features offered through YouTube Studio, there are tons of opportunities to create effective, profitable videos for your audience.

Let us have a look at some of the specific benefits with the help of the below sections


YouTube Studio dashboard proves to be very beneficial for your video marketing efforts because it shows you many of your metrics at a glance.


The Analytics section of YouTube Studio is probably the most beneficial. With all the monitored metrics, you’ll be able to decide which videos are working and which ones aren’t. With this information, you can create videos that attract and delight your target audience. Is.

Video Manager

Video Manager is a simple way to edit the description of your videos to make sure they’re getting the maximum exposure. You can edit thumbnails, upload custom thumbnails, change descriptions, and more. Title can be changed on which topic your video is fixed.


Keeping track of your comments goes a long way in marketing. You’ve got to face both good and bad comments. You always want to make sure to respond to both negative and positive reviews – and YouTube Studio’s Community tab lets you do just that. helps in.


With the Audio section of YouTube Studio, you’ll be able to choose the right music and sound effects for your videos for free. You get some music for free and you have to pay to use some music. You can use that music on your own. You can do it for YouTube videos.

YouTube Studio App FAQ

Is YouTube Studio App a Free App?

YouTube Studio App is not completely free, there are some features in it that you have to pay to use and you can use some features for free.

How To Download YouTube Studio App?

You can download YouTube Studio App from Google Play Store.

Can I upload videos from YouTube Studio App?

Yes, you can upload videos from YouTube Studio App.

Can YouTube Studio App Use Thumbnails in Videos?

Yes, you can put Thumbnail in any video from YouTube Studio App.

How to Create Account in YouTube Studio App?

Creating an account in YouTube Studio App is quite easy, you just have to login with that E-mail from which E-mail is your YouTube channel, your account will come automatically.

last word

so guys it was What is YouTube Studio App and how to use it In today’s article, we learned what is YouTube Studio App and how to use it, as well as we have given you information about all the features of YouTube Studio App, hope you understood about all the features of YouTube Studio App. And hope you like this article.

If you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends and also turn on the notification bell of the website so that in the coming time you do not miss any article because we keep bringing such helpful articles for you daily. If you have any problem related to this article, what is YouTube Studio App and how to use it, then you can ask us by commenting thank you.

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