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You must have heard the name of ms word or ms office tool or maybe you have used them but maybe you do not know about WPS Office, so basically this is going to be the topic of this blog, we will get all the information related to WPS Office. We are going to know about what is WPS Office and how it works etc. so that you can also use it for your working purpose.

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Today we can do most of the work in our mobile. We can create and save our documents in mobile itself. There are many such apps, with the help of which most of our work becomes easy. If we have to make a report or prepare a presentation, then we make it through computer, but now we can also do this work with the help of our smartphone.

WPS Office is a great mobile application software, through which we can easily create any document, Power Point Presentation (PPT) or Spreadsheet easily anywhere, anytime sitting at home. If you also want to know about what is back office and WPS Office Ke Fayde and want to learn how to use it, then we have complete information about WPS Office for you through this article. Have brought from

What is WPS Office

This is such an app, with the help of which you can easily prepare the documents (MS Word, Excel, PPT) created through MS Office in your mobile in your mobile. If we have to type a letter or make any kind of presentation or make a list and prepare some kind of report, then we do all the work that we do in Microsoft Office (MS Office) on the computer. That work can also be done in your mobile through WPS Office.

WPS Office Full Form

The full name of WPS Office or WPS Office Ka Full Form is “Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets”, which is also known as “Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets”.WPS Office

how to download WPS Office

If you want to make presentations, spreadsheets and documents etc. in your smartphone or want to convert any document to PDF format, then for this you have to download WPS Office App from your Android’s Play Store and from Apple’s App Store.

If you want, you can also download it from the official website of WPS Office, for which follow the steps given below:

  • First of all visit the official website of WPS Office “”.
  • As soon as you visit the website, you will see download links for all supported devices.

  • Download and install it by clicking on Download Button.
  • After you have downloaded and installed it on your device then you are completely ready to use it.

WPS Office Use 

Now you have come to know that what is WPS office, now if you want to know about WPS Office Ko Samjhaie, then we will further understand you in detail how to use WPS Office, one by one.

To create a new document in WPS Office, open this app. In this, you will see the icon of New or Plus (+) to create a document. Click on it. Then you can select different formats from it. Click on New Document in it and a new page will appear in front of you. Write whatever you want to write on it.

As soon as you click on WPS Tools, many tools will appear in front of you to edit the document like- Home Menu, File Menu, Insert Menu, View Menu, Review Menu, Pen Menu etc.

Home menu gives you many options to edit document text like Size, Color, Bold, Italic, Underscore, Headings, Bullets etc. Using these options, you can make the text attractive in your document.

The File menu is used to save user-created documents, spreadsheets or presentations, convert to PDF format, merge documents, and print files, etc. Let’s go through all the options one by one. understand about.

  • Save As:- Through Save As, we can save the document in 4 formats .Doc/ .Docx/ .Text/ .Pdf etc.
  • Export To PDF:- Through this we can save the file in PDF format.
  • Encrypt:- Through Encrypt, we can put a password on our document. Due to which your file will not open without the password.
  • Print:- Through this we can take a print of our document. You can setup the page and see the print preview. If you want to take print from mobile then you have to download the app separately for this.
  • File Info:- Inside File Info, you get information about File Name, File Size, File Type, Last Modified, Storage Location.
  • Help And Feedback:In this you get Feature Suggestion, Feedback and Error Report. Through which you can report Suggestion Feedback and Error about any feature.

The Insert menu is used to add Picture, Text Box, Shape, Table, Blank Page, Page Number, Date & Time, Hyperlink, etc. to the page of a document or file.

The View menu is used to change the background of the page, what is the Wordcount of the document, etc. Apart from this, you can use the Find & Replace option to find a particular sentence in the document.

Let us understand one by one about the options available in the View Menu:

  • Copy – Through Copy, you can copy the selected text.
  • Paste – Using this option you can paste the copied text anywhere.
  • Find – Through Find, you can search any word from the document.
  • All Bookmarks Through this, you can save a link in the file by bookmarking it.
  • Content With the help of this, we can see the contents of the table from the document.
  • Word Count You can also count the number of words in the document.
  • View Inside this you get 2 options Rotate Screen and Night Mode.
  • Page Setup – The first option inside it is of Page Size. Which is used to change the size of the page. The second option is Orientation, through which you can do Page Portrait or Landscape. And the third option Page Margin allows you to customize the page.
  • Page Background By this you can change the background of the page. You can do it with any color or by image.
  • Show Switch Button On clicking on it a switch button appears.

There are many other tools in WPS Tools, which are being told to you further.

  • Font In this you can select Font Size, Effect, Changing Font and Font Color etc.
  • Style Using this we can write text in 22 different styles.
  • Review Inside this you can use Spell Check, Word Count, Comment and Revise.
  • Pen Submenu of Pen Tool is Pen, Highlighter and Eraser.

WPS Office Key Fayde

There are many benefits of using WPS Office, which are being told below.

  • Spell Check – Using Spell Check, you can correct the spelling error in your document.
  • Save To PDF – You can also convert your document to PDF. In which the document is more secure and it is also easy to share.
  • Formatting Tools – In this, you get many tools for formatting, which you can easily use to create documents. In this you get options of Font Styles and Colors, Paragraph Formatting etc.
  • Lots Of Extras You can use 230 Fonts and 100 Documents Templates in it.

WPS Office App Key Features

Now know what are the features of WPS Office, its features have been told to you further.

  • View Multiple Documents: You can open multiple documents at the same time as well as edit and manage documents.
  • Password Protection: WPS also provides the option of password protection in Office documents. So that you can keep your documents safe.
  • Mail Merge: Through this feature, you can send your document to whomever you want to send it in just a few clicks.

WPS Office All Main Features

  • Table Formatting
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Advanced Spreadsheets
  • Extended Desktop Support
  • Complete Office Suite
  • Lots of Extras
  • Pivot Tables
  • User Comments
  • Much More Than Text
  • Password Protection
  • Word-Class Text Editor
  • Save To PDF
  • Advanced Animation
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Mail Merge
  • View Multiple Documents
  • Built-In Charts
  • Formulas and Functions
  • PDF To Word Converter
  • Mobile Office Suite
  • Data Recovery
  • Amazing Presentations
  • 1 Million Rows
  • 100% Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite

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