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It is believed that by the ringtone and caller tune installed in the mobile, it can be found that how is the attitude of this person and in the present time keeping callertune is going on in a lot of trend, although it was in the trend earlier but in the present time. It has become very trending.

So if you also want to set caller tune in your phone then this blog can be helpful for you because in this we will tell you how you can set caller tune of your choice on your phone.

how to set caller

Caller Tune means that whenever you are calling a person, the tune heard on that person’s number is called Caller Tune. Today, not everyone keeps the old tune in their phone because with the advancement of technology, now you can easily set your favorite Tune or Song on any company’s SIM number, that too for free.

You must have seen that you have many friends and all have different types of SIM numbers, but when you call them, their favorite tune is heard on everyone’s number, in the same way you can also caller Tune on your number. You can set this when your friends call you, they will hear your favorite tune on your number.

how to apply jio caller

At present, the users of Jio SIM are maximum. If you do not know, then let us tell you that you can fill Caller Tune on your Jio number for free. If you are not filling Caller Tune on your Jio number out of fear that your money may not be deducted, then let us tell you that it is not like this at all, you can fill your favorite Caller Tune on your Jio number absolutely free, know Want how? So today we are going to tell you 4 ways with the help of which you can put Caller Tune on your Jio Number, let’s know about them:

Via SMS: The first way to set Jio Caller Tune is to go to the message box in your mobile, now type JT and send it to 56789, now you will be asked about the category of the song, you will write the number next to the category of your choice. Send it.

Along with this, you can also send by writing the name of your favorite singer or movie. Now you will get a list of top 10 songs of your favorite singer, you can select your favorite song and send it. In no time you will get a confirmation message.

Through Jio Music App: You can also fill Jio Caller Tune by downloading Jio Music App, all you have to do is download Jio Music App, search for your favorite song in it, play it, now an option will appear in it Set Jio Tune’s BS Click on it Your Jio Caller Tune will be filled.

From My Jio App: You can also install the Caller Tune of your choice on your number by downloading the My Jio App.

By copying: You can also fill Jio Caller Tune on your number by copying Jio Caller Tune of any of your friend, relative or any of your acquaintance, for this you have to call whomever you like Caller Tune, and by picking up his call. First you have to press * on your mobile, this will activate its Caller Tune on your number.

How did you set up an idea caller?

So let us now know how to set Idea Caller Tune or Idea how do you like the collar:

Step 1: Open Play Store

First of all, you have to open Play Store App on your phone.

Step 2: Search My Idea

Now search My Idea by going to Search option in Play Store App.

Step 3: Download My Idea App

Now you have to download the application of My Idea App in your phone.

Step 4: Install App

After downloading the application, you have to install it completely on your phone.

Step 5: Open App

After installing My Idea App in your mobile, open it in your phone.

Step 6: Click On Shop Button

After opening the apps, you have to click on Shop Option.

Step 7: Click On Dialer Tune

Now you have to select the option of Dialer Tune.

Step 8: Select Song

You can listen to it by putting the Caller Tune of your choice in the option of Dialer Tune. So here you go to idea how did you put the collar on and that too in easy steps

how to set caller in airtel

You can also set free Caller Tune in Airtel for 10 days and also for 30 days. First we will tell you about how to set Airtel Me caller tune for 10 days.

Step 1: Dial Number

First of all, dial “*678*559#” in your phone.

Step 2: Click Back Button

Now click on the Back Button of your phone.

Step 3: Reply Massage

Now a message will come on your phone, to reply to it, reply by typing 1 number in it.

Step 4: Set Caller Tune

As soon as you reply to the message, Caller Tune will be set on your number.

how to set hello in airtel

If you want to set Hello Tune on your Airtel number for 30 days, for that you can follow our steps given below.

Step 1: Dial Number

First of all, dial “5432112:” in your phone.

Step 3: Select Song

Now you have to select the song and type 1 number and click.

Step 5: Confirming Message

A confirmation SMS will now come on your phone.

Step 6: Tune Successfully Activated

Now after answering the Confirmation SMS, your Free Caller Tune will be activated successfully.

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