Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

What people don’t do for the safety of their mobile, like using mobile covers, getting laminated etc. But there is an important thing to do for the safety of your mobile, basically in this blog we are going to talk about you. How to protect your mobile from theft?

How to protect mobile from theft

We keep our personal photos, videos, files and many more important files in our smart phones, in such a situation if the smart phone is stolen then it becomes very difficult. If you apply this trick on your smart phone then your smart phone will be saved from being stolen.

Friends, to use this trick, you have to download a small application from the Play Store, the name of this Android application is Don’t Touch My Phone. This android application has 5M+ downloads on play store and people have given rating of 4.5 which is very good.

How to use Don’t Touch My Phone application?

Friends, if you are interested in watching the complete information of Don’t Touch My Phone Android application through the video, then click on the PLAY VIDEO button below to watch the video, you will get complete information and if you want to read the article, then click on the link given below. You can read the given article.

Where to download Don’t Touch My Phone app?

Friends, if you want to download Don’t Touch My Phone android application then search in play store Don’t Touch My Phone then you will get this android application. Friends, you can also download the Don’t Touch My Phone application by clicking on the DOWNLOAD NOW button given below.

Follow These Steps!

step 1. First of all click on Download Now button to download Don’t Touch My Phone android application, open skip all page and click on Done button then this android application will open.

Step 2. Here you will find the setting mark above, click on it, here you will first click on the option PIN and set a 4 Digit Pin password.

Step 3. Here you will get the second option of Tone, here you will get to see 8 tones, click on whatever you like.

Step 4. From here you can also turn on/off the vibration. After making all these settings, bake it.

Step 5. Here you will get a big button of Activate, click on it and keep your smart phone in the table, window, or pocket, after this if any person touches your smart phone then alarm will sound in your smart phone so that you know It will work that the person is touching your smart phone to steal and the rest will keep ringing until you enter the password. This application will have to be deactivated then it will be closed.

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