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WhatsApp is a very popular messaging application, which is being used by the whole world today, people are managing their business through it, so in today’s date we can say that it has become a big need of people today, but if If you do not have WhatsApp in Android phone and you want to download then in this blog you will be guided.

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As you know that nowadays everyone is connected to social media and many people’s day starts with WhatsApp and ends on WhatsApp. WhatsApp was launched in January 2010. When WhatsApp happened, people did not know so much about it, but gradually it started trending and in today’s date every user wants to know about how to download whatsapp.

But most of the smartphone users do not know how to download WhatsApp in the smartphone, so this post of ours is for those people who want to know about how to download whatsapp. If you have to download whatsapp in your mobile then you can download WhatsApp App very easily by following some easy steps.

At present, all the smartphone users you have today, you will find WhatsApp ID or WhatsApp Account created in their mobile, but there are many people who do not know about how to download whatsapp, so we are going to tell you this in this article. Stay tuned till the end of the article.

How to download whatsapp

WhatsApp’s service is completely free, you will not have to pay any charge to anyone, earlier this service was not free. For this service, we had to pay US $ 0.99 to WhatsApp for a year, but some time ago the CEO of WhatsApp (Mark Zuckerberg) announced that WhatsApp service will be completely free in every country. Since then, we do not have to pay any charge to anyone for creating WhatsApp ID.

How to download whatsapp?

Friends, if you want to download WhatsApp in your phone, then we have 2 ways to download WhatsApp, which have been told to you further.

#1 How to Download WhatsApp from Play Store

Friends, it is very easy to download WhatsApp app from Play Store. Play Store is there in every Android phone, in which we have to log in with our Gmail ID. If you do not know how to create Gmail account, then you can also learn Gmail ID Banana by reading this post of ours “how to make Email ID in Gmail”. If you do not know how to start WhatsApp or how to open whatsapp, then first you have to download WhatsApp on your smartphone. For this, WhatsApp Download Karen by following the steps given below:

1. Open WhatsApp: First of all you have to open Play Store in your phone, it will open something like this.

2. Search WhatsApp: After that you have to search “WhatsApp” on Play Store, after which a page like this will open. If you want to download WhatsApp Direct, for that download WhatsApp from the link given below.

3. Install App: Now you have to tap on Install button, as soon as you click on Install, WhatsApp downloading will start in your phone.

4. Open App: And take friends, download WhatsApp in your phone, now open it in your phone, enter your number in it and setup WhatsApp account and run it.

#2 Download from WhatsApp website

This is also an easy way to download WhatsApp, this method is also smaller than the first way. But in this those people who have just bought a smartphone get confused, because in this method we have to download the file and install that file in our phone. Therefore, this method is only for those people who already know how to run a little mobile.

1. Open Link: You have to touch on the link given below, as if you touch on that link, a page like this will open in front of you.

Click Here

2. Download Now: Now you have to click on “Download Now” written in green capital letters. As soon as you click on download, the new version of WhatsApp.APK will start downloading to your phone.

3. Open File: As soon as the WhatsApp file is completely downloaded, you will have to open that file by going to the File Manager.

4. Install App: As soon as that file is opened, you will have to touch on Install, as soon as you click on Install, WhatsApp will be downloaded in your phone.

5. Open App: Take friends, download WhatsApp in your phone, now you can start WhatsApp by entering your mobile number.

How to download old whatsapp

If you want to download the old version of WhatsApp, then you will have to use third-party websites for this, because WhatsApp is an application that runs through an internet connection and is regularly downloaded for security and other encryption purposes. Updated at intervals. After a period the old application will not run on your mobile and it will ask you for an update, and tell you that you will be able to enjoy it only after updating it.

If your WhatsApp is also not running and you want to know that how to turn on whatsapp then for this you need to update the old version of your WhatsApp.

Benefits of starting whatsapp

  • With the help of WhatsApp, you can talk unlimitedly with all your friends without any charges.
  • You can make video calls to your friends (whose number you have) with WhatsApp.
  • With WhatsApp, you can make voice calls to your friends (whose number you have).
  • You can create a group of your friends on WhatsApp.
  • You can make broadcasts on WhatsApp.

Concept of WhatsApp

WhatsApp (WhatsApp) has a very simple and easy concept, whoever downloads it and creates its WhatsApp ID on it, WhatsApp will read its contact list and all the people who have WhatsApp Chaalu in their contact list. People will start appearing in the contact list of WhatsApp in that person’s phone. WhatsApp user can send messages, photos, videos etc only to those people who have already downloaded WhatsApp in their mobile.

How to use whatsapp

When you create your account on WhatsApp, then you get many features in it, it is very easy to use WhatsApp. You can also share photos, videos and audios with messaging on WhatsApp. Apart from this, you can also create your own group and add your friends and relatives to it and talk to all of them together. If you want to do video calling with someone and he also uses WhatsApp, then you can make a video call with him, no matter where you or the person you want to talk to is at any place.

How to download whatsapp in jio phone

If you have a Jio phone, you want to run WhatsApp in it, then for this you can read our post Jio Phone Me WhatsApp Download? You can take help.

Best Alternatives of WhatsApp

If you are bored with the features available in the official WhatsApp and want to get the new advance feature, then you can try these third-party applications which are absolutely free.


Yes friends, you have seen how easy it is to download WhatsApp, hope that you would have liked how to download whatsapp. Now you can also share photos, videos and audios along with chatting with your friends and relatives on WhatsApp.

If you are already a WhatsApp user and want to use the new features of WhatsApp, then for this you have to update your WhatsApp. If you do not know how to update WhatsApp, then for this you have to go to Playstore and click on Update Button so that you can update WhatsApp immediately.

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