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In this blog, we are going to know about the information related to aster flower, what type of flower is the aster flower, where is it found, how is it grown, how is it taken care of, etc. So if you are interested in knowing the information related to it. If yes, then definitely read this blog till the end.

Aster Flower Information

Aster flower blooms in many colors, of which purple and red are the main ones. Aster plants are perennials, which belong to the Daisy family. Its flowers are shaped like stars. Aster plant can be easily grown in gardens. Scientific Name of Aster Flower – Asteraceae Aster flower is known by many other names, Aster Flower Name in Hindi, in which Aster, Michaelmas Daisies, Aster Patens, Aster Praeustus and Forest Flower are the main ones.

There are many species of aster flowers. It is of different color and size according to the species. Esters are used for many purposes. Most of all, this flower is used to decorate the pavilion in the wedding ceremony, apart from this, its plants are grown as decoration in large gardens. When he goes to meet someone, he also gives a bouquet of Aster as a gift. Aster flowers are most widely cultivated in North America and Southern Europe.

Aster Plant Information 

Aster plants are perennial. The height of these plants is usually about one to four feet. Apart from this, some plants are also small or large according to the species. The spread of these plants is about one to three feet.

The size of the flower of Aster is from 1 to 2 inches. This flower blooms in many colors, in which purple, red, pink, white and blue are the main colors. These flowers have a yellow center in the middle. This flower is made up of many small petals.

Just like the sunflower flower and the daisy flower. The small petals in the center are called discs, the color of the small flowers blooming above this disc is sometimes different.

The leaves of the aster plant are dark green in colour. Its leaves are long and thin like flowers, which are slightly pointed in front. The stems of the aster plant are straight.

Aster Plant Varieties 

There are more than 600 species of aster plant all over the world. Whereas the most liked flowers are Purple Aster Flower and White Aster Flower. There are many different types of purple aster. Below are some popular species of aster, including purple and all other species.

  • New England Asters (Aster novae-angliae) – New England is considered one of the most beautiful and attractive plants of the genus Asterus. Plants of this genus are called Spimipotrichum nova-angalia or Aster nova-anglia. These plants grow very easily even in the autumn season. These plants are native to North America.
  • New York Asters (Aster novi-belgii) – Plants of this species are commonly called Michaelmas daisies. All types of plants of this genus grow in mid-summer season. These plants bear purple, white and pink flowers.
  • Wood’s Purple – The center of this variety of plants is yellow, and the flowers are purple blooms in double surface.
  • Purple Cloud (Aster novae-angliae) – The Purple Cloud species is one of the species from New England. Plants of this species are perennial, bearing purple flowers with a yellow center. Plants of this species are grown in full sun.
  • Rosa Sieger Aster (Aster novae-angliae) – Rosa Sieger Aster is a variety native to New England that blooms with pale pink flowers with a yellow center. This flower blooms in the months of September to October. The height of these plants is about three to four feet. And this plant spreads to about two feet in width.
  • King George (Aster amellus) – The flowers of this species are purple in colour. It is also known as Italian ester. The shape of these flowers is oval.

How to Grow Aster Plant From Seed How to Grow Aster Plant

  • Aster plants grow well in summer. They do not like very cold areas. Aster plant can be grown very easily in 20 – 25 degree Celsius temperature.
  • First of all, you should prepare a better and fertile soil mixture for planting.
  • To prepare the soil, you can mix loamy soil and cockpit, or dung manure inside it.
  • After mixing the soil well, it should be left for a few hours. So that the soil dries completely.
  • After this, you should take some seeds of the aster plant and plant it in the soil.
  • Plant the seeds according to the size of the pot. About 200 seeds can be grown in a medium sized pot.
  • After putting the seeds in the pot, cover them with a layer of soil.
  • After that put water in the pot. Take care not to add too much water as it may spoil the seeds.
  • Keep the pot in a place where the sunlight is very light.
  • Your aster seeds will begin to germinate within about a week.
  • When the plants grow a little, they should be planted in a big pot.

How to Grow Aster Flowers Plant From Seeds in Hindi

How to Care for an Aster Plant

  • After planting this plant, you should take special care of watering. Never give too much water in it.
  • When the plant becomes a little bigger, it should be pruned. In this you can remove the growing branches from the plant.
  • By pruning, more branches come out in the plant, due to which flowers still come more.
  • Always plant aster plants in a place where there is about five hours of sunlight in a day.
  • Do not allow moisture to remain in the plant during winter. This damages the plants.
  • If the leaves of the plant are getting damaged, and kit moths are on it, then you can use spray of neem oil.

Watch the video on how to take care of the Aster plant.

Aster Flower FAQ

Do Aster Plants Grow Every Year?

Aster flowers bloom in the spring. When seeds come on top of them, you should keep these seeds carefully before they fall on the ground. And next year should grow again. If it falls down on the ground by itself, then in such a condition these plants do not grow.

Do Aster Plants Need Sunlight and Shade?

Aster plants grow better in the sun. However they need shade. But it blooms less in shaded places.

In which month do aster flowers bloom?

Aster flowers bloom during the summer, and they come in many colors depending on the species.

Does aster mean star?

Aster is an ancient Greek word, derived from (astḗr), meaning “star”.

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