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Sadabahar Flower is one of the very simple and attractive flowers which are found in many colors and many places, but if you are hearing about this flower for the first time then this blog is for you because in this blog Sadabahar You will be given all the information related to flowers, along with this you will be told what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Periwinkle Flower Information

The evergreen flower or Periwinkle Flower is one of the twelve months blooming plants. In western India it is also known as Sadafuli. It is a member of Apocynaceae family, which is a type of plant. The genus of evergreen, Cantharanthus, it is also called Madagascar Periwinkle, its Botanical or Scientific Name – Catharanthus Roseus Catharanthus roseus. One of its species is also called Periwinkle Vinca Minor, whose flowers look like evergreens.

The evergreen plant has its own history, the people of Europe had a superstition about the purple colored Periwinkle Flower Plant. Those people called the purple colored Periwinkle Plant Violet of the Sorceress. The people of Europe believed that the purple colored periwinkle plant keeps evil spirits away. At that time it had two main species – Lesser Periwinkle (Vinca Minor) and Greater Periwinkle (Vinca Major).

Lesser Periwinkle originated in Spain, France and other regions of Europe. But at present it is found in many parts of the world. While the Greater Periwinkle can only be seen in southern Europe, it is therefore native to Rope. Even today, evergreens are grown as ornamental plants in many parts of the world. It is known by different names in different regions of India. Such as Sadakadu Mallikai in Tamil, Ratanjot in Punjabi, Nayantara or Gulfirangi in Bengali, Ushamalari in Malayalam, and Apanskanthi in Oriya.

Flowers in small clusters of white and purple color on a small bushy tree of evergreen enhance the beauty of every house. Its tree is always full of flowers even in winter and summer season. The oval green leaves on its neat bushy plants are very neatly attached to the branches of the plant, they do not even require much cutting.

Types of Periwinkle Flowers

There are generally 8 species of evergreen flowers. Out of which one species is found in the Indian subcontinent and the other 7 species are found in Madagascar. Apart from this, there are many types of evergreen plants, out of which the names of some of the main types of plants are as follows –

1. Horizon (Multiflora)

The flowers of this species grow very well during the summer days. This plant grows to about 15 inches high. Its flowers are red, blue, and pink in color. It has more than one color in one petal.

2. Madness Perwinkle

This flower blooms only till the spring days. Plants in this species have a spread of about 12 inches, and the height of the plant is up to 15 inches. The color of its flowers is red, blue, purple, white, and lavender.

3. Primetime (Multiflora)

Growing this species of evergreen flower is very easy. Its petals are very soft and velvety. Whose color is usually like that of rose flower and lavender flower. Its plants grow to a width of 5 feet and a height of 6 inches. We can also say this, that it spreads like a bushy plant in a way.

4. Supercascade (Grandiflora)

The evergreen plants of this species like sunlight very much. The petals of its flowers are very large, the width of these petals becomes up to 5 inches. This flower blooms from summer to the end of spring. The color of these flowers is white, in which light purple color is seen on their leaves.

Periwinkle Plant

The evergreen plant Periwinkle Plant is a bushy plant, whose height reaches up to 1 meter. Its plant does not require much maintenance. Even if there is no water at all in the root of the evergreen plant, it continues to flower well for a few days. When this plant gets old, it starts looking like a complete bush.

The evergreen flower Periwinkle Flower blooms mostly in three colors, of which pink, purple, and white are the main ones. Apart from this, it is also found in many colors. Its flower has five petals, the length of this flower is about 1 inch and up to 1½ inches. The whole flower is made up of five petals. Although the flowers are small in size, they bloom on the plant daily. These plants love sunlight. The evergreen tree is laden with flowers during the summer.

The color of the evergreen leaves, Periwinkle Leaves, is dark green, whose shape is oval. These leaves are attached opposite to each other on the stem. Its leaves are very clean and shiny. A white center vein can be clearly seen in between. When its leaves and flowers are plucked from an evergreen tree, a kind of milk-like substance is released from them.

Seeds of Evergreen Periwinkle Flower Seeds When all its flowers fall from the plant, then small beans start growing on it. There are many seeds inside these beans. The shape of these seeds is round. With these seeds you can grow evergreen plant very easily.

Apart from this, you can read about many fragrant and aromatic flowers, how these flowers are grown, and much more. These are the names of all the flowers – Lily flower, Champa flower, Tuberose flower, and Magnolia.

Sadabahar Plant, Leaves Benefits 

As much as the flower of evergreen is attractive and beautiful to see, there are many more benefits of evergreen than that. It is also used to make medicine. Eating the flowers, leaves, and roots of evergreens can get rid of many diseases. The flower of evergreen is used the most, because its effect is normal. It can get rid of all kinds of diseases. But you should use it only after asking an ayurvedic doctor or doctor. Let us know about the medicinal properties of evergreen plants and what are the benefits of eating evergreen flowers –

1. Benefits of evergreen in babseer

If a person suffers from piles, and he grinds the leaves of evergreen and applies it on the place where he sleeps at night, then it gives relief very soon. If you want to see very good results, then this process can be done twice a day in the morning and evening.

2. Benefits of Sadabahar for quick healing of boils and wounds

If you have got a wound somewhere, and it is not getting cured, then in such a situation, grind the leaves of evergreen and apply it on the wound area. This heals the wound very quickly. If you have boils or pimples at any place on your body. But it is not getting cooked, for this, you should apply the leaves of evergreens in oil and apply it on the place of boil, due to this the boil will cook quickly, and the pus will come out, so that the wound will dry up very quickly.

3. Benefits of Evergreen for Cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous and deadly disease. Due to this disease, the cells of the human body stop functioning. Due to which the body starts becoming weak. Along with this, the immune system inside the body starts decreasing. But if you pay attention at the right time, you can get rid of it. In the case of cancer, if the patient is given chutney made of evergreen leaves on an empty stomach in the morning, it increases the immunity of the body. Due to which the body starts getting better again, and the cells start functioning again.

4. Benefits of Sadabahar to Heal the Red Marks of Allergies

If a person has red marks of allergy on his body, and he is bothered by them. So for this, break some evergreen leaves and extract their juice, after that apply that juice on the place of allergy. This gives relief very soon.

5. Sadabahar Benefits for Hair

It is very beneficial for evergreen hair. The medicinal properties present in its plant make the hair strong. For this, you have to take about a bowl of flowers from outside and wash them thoroughly. After this, dry them in the sun and make powder or powder of flowers. Always close the powder outside in such a box so that it does not get air. Whenever you apply a hair pack to your hair, you can add a little evergreen powder to it. Take special care of the quantity while using it, as it can also damage your hair in high quantity.

6. Benefits of Sadabahar to cure facial pimples

If you have acne on your face, and it is not getting better with any kind of soap, cream, or face wash, then in such a situation, you can cure the acne on your face by using some home use of Sadbar. For this, you have to take some flowers and soft leaves of evergreens and grind them well. After this, mix a pinch of turmeric in it and apply it twice a day on the acne site. This will give relief very soon. And the skin of the face will also become good.

7. Heal scabies itching Medicinal properties of evergreens

If you are very troubled by itching itching, then in such a situation, an evergreen plant can be useful for you. For this, you have to make a paste of evergreen leaves and apply it on the scabies area twice a day, your scabies will get a lot of relief in itching. And it will be fixed very soon.

8. Medicinal properties of evergreens that are comfortable for bee or wasp bites

If you have ever been bitten by a bee or wasp at this place on your body, and the skin has become very red at the cut area. So in such a situation, you should apply the juice of evergreen flowers or leaves on the cut area. This will not cause itching in the cut area, and will give relief in pain.

Periwinkle Side Effects 

  • You have read the benefits of eating evergreen leaves, but you also need to know about the disadvantages of evergreens.
  • Generally, there is no harm of evergreen, but it is a type of ayurvedic herb, so some of its medicinal benefits can be harmful as well.
  • This article has been written just to give you information about the benefits of evergreens. And all the information taken here has been collected from Ayurvedic books.
  • Whenever you take any Ayurvedic home remedy, then definitely take the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor or Vaidya. Otherwise you may suffer loss.

How to Grow Periwinkle Plant

Growing evergreen plants is very easy. These plants are grown in two ways, the first way is to grow from seeds and the second way is to grow by cutting evergreens. Here we will learn about growing plants in both ways. First of all, let us know how to grow evergreen from seeds. Vinica Plant means before growing an evergreen plant from seed, we need to know that we can collect its seeds in this way.

How to collect evergreen seeds?

Seeds begin to form on the evergreen plant during the summer. When small pods start to form on your plant, take care of the plant. Because when these beans are ripe, they open from the middle, and the seeds are scattered here and there. You should remove the seeds by plucking the pods of the evergreen from the plant before it bursts. You have to take special care of one thing before plucking the seeds, that the seeds should be completely black and they are well ripened. Now know, how to grow a plant from seed inside a pot.

how to grow evergreen plant from seed

  • To plant an evergreen plant from seed, you first have to take an earthen pot. It is very important to have a hole at the bottom of this pot. So that if there is too much water in the plant, it will come out from the bottom.
  • After this, you have to cover the hole at the bottom of the pot by placing some pebbles on it. And a fertile and better soil has to be prepared for the pot.
  • To plant a plant, you need 50% garden soil and 50% sand which is called sand. Both have to be mixed well. If you want, you can also add vermipost, and cockpit to it. Mix the soil well and fill it in the pot.
  • After this, plant the seeds in the pot at some distance from the top. And cover the plant with a layer of soil of about half an inch from above and water the plant with a spray. And until the seeds sprout, keep the plant in a shaded place and maintain light moisture in the pot.
  • When your plants get a little older, move them to a different pot. In this way, you can easily grow the evergreen plant in the pot with the seeds.

How to Grow Sadabahar Plant From Seed

How to plant evergreen plant from cuttings

  • To plant an evergreen plant from a cutting, you first have to take a sharp knife or any blade. After this, you have to cut some evergreen cuttings of about 4 to 5 inches from its plant. One thing should be kept in mind while taking the cutting, that it should be cut in the first time itself.
  • After this, remove the bottom leaves of all the cuttings. And leave the top leaves.
  • After preparing the cutting, you have to take an earthen pot. Inside it fill the pot with a mixture of garden soil and sand.
  • If you have rooting hormone powder after filling the pot, apply rooting hormone powder on the cutting to a depth of about 2 inches in the pot. If you do not have rooting hormone powder, you can also plant the cuttings like this.
  • After this, put water in the pot and keep the pot in a shady place. Where there is little sunlight.
  • After a few days, your cuttings will start to grow roots. When the plants get a little older, transplant them into another pot.
  • In this way you can grow evergreen plant from cuttings. Apart from this, you can also plant the cuttings of Vinca Periwinkle Plant only in water. For this, you can watch the complete video given below. This is a very easy way to plant cuttings of the plant.

How to Grow Sadabahar Plant at Home

How to take care of an evergreen plant

  • If you take good care of evergreen plant, then many flowers will come on your plant. So let’s know, how to take care of Sadabahar Plant. So that there will be more flowers on the plant.
  • Whenever you plant your evergreen plant, plant it in a pot of at least 10 or 12 inches. If you plant it in a small pot, it causes less flowering on the plant.
  • This plant likes sunlight very much. You should always plant the plant in a sunny place. In summer, the plants should be watered twice a day.
  • Water should always be applied to the plant in the morning or evening. Plants should not be watered in the afternoon.
  • Whenever you plant your plant in a pot, do not fill it with soil to the top. This leaves no room for the plants to fill with water. If you water the evergreen plant well in summer, then its flower color is good.
  • You can prune this plant between the months of February to August. This makes the plant dense. So that more flowers come on top of it. When you cut its branch from the middle, then two new branches emerge from there. In this way, the plant becomes more dense, and more flowers come on it.
  • This plant does not require much fertilizer. But you can give it vermicompost or cow dung once a month for more flowers.
  • Apart from this, you should always place this plant in such a place where the plants get at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight. In this way you can take care of Sadabahar Plant, so that many flowers will come on your plant.

Sadabahar Flower FAQ

What is the botanical name of evergreen?

Botanical or Scientific Names of Evergreen – Catharanthus Roseus It is also called Madagascar Periwinkle.

What happens if evergreen leaves are applied on the face?

If evergreen leaves are applied on the face, then it can remove the blemishes of the face. This improves facial skin. Apart from this, if evergreen flowers are applied on the skin of the face, then it tightens the skin of the face.

What are the benefits of eating evergreen leaves?

By using evergreen leaves, the amount of sugar in the blood remains under control. It enhances the immunity of the body. Its taste is normal. Its use is also good for heart patients.

When is an evergreen plant planted?

If you are thinking of planting an evergreen plant in your house, then you should always plant an evergreen plant in the evening. If you plant the plant in the morning, it can cause the plant to deteriorate in summer. By planting the plant in the evening, it absorbs the soil nutrients throughout the night. So that it remains green in the sun well the next day.

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